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  1. Dear Mr. Pebruanto,
    I am a medical student from Germany studying medicine at the University of Rostock since October 2015. I am now attending the third year of my studies and finished the preclinical studies in autumn 2017 with the grade “ good”.
    According the medical education rules it is mandatory that a student has to absolve all in all 120 days practice (called “Famulatur”) in a hospital in an area of choice.
    I am now applying for a place as a medical volunteer for a duration of 30 days. If it´s possible I would like to do this in August or September 2019.
    Since June 2016 I am constantly working as a nurse-assistant on weekends or during my holidays at the Vivantes Klinikum Neukölln in Berlin, Germany. For that reason I am familiar with the procedures of patient care on different hospital wards, such as surgery, psychiatry, cardiology, nephrology and gastroenterology. Now I would like to improve my medical skills. I am highly interested in courses like surgery, anesthesia, orthopedics and pediatrics, so I would love to do my “Famulatur” in one of those areas.
    As I attended to English boarding school for several months, I am fluently speaking English language. In addition to that I visited the course “English lecture club” at my university, in which I got used to medical terms, as the lecture was held in English language and covered a wide range of different special fields.
    To enhance my abilities of English language I absolved the certificate English speaking board` with distinction. For that reasons convinced that there would be no difficulties for me to follow the everyday life on hospital wards or in contact with patients.

    I would be really pleased about a positive feedback.

    Best regards
    Felicia Kühnel

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