Physiotherapy is a process of rehabilitating a person to avoid physical disability through a series of assessment, diagnosis, treatment and preventing acts.

The purpose of doing physiotherapy is to restore the body function after exposed by diseases or injury. If the body suffers permanent disease or injury, then physiotherapy will be prioritized to reduce its effect.

When do you need a Physiotherapy treatment?

The variety of patient’s condition that could be aided with physiotherapy according to the body system is divided by four:

  • Neurology
  • Neuromusculoskeletal
  • Cardiovascular
  • Respiratory

The followings are some methods that we apply to our patients

  • Training Program

Therapies included in this program are fixing body postures, strengthening muscles, cardiovascular training, and stretching

  • Electrotherapy technique

This therapy utilizes electrical power. Some examples of this therapy are ultrasound, laser therapy, diathermy therapy, and Trans-cutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulated (TENS) therapy

  • Manual Physiotherapy

Included in this physiotherapy are massages, stretching, body resistance training, manipulation and mobilization of joints.

  • Other methods

Besides methods mentioned above, physiotherapy also helps patients by correcting exercise mistakes and helps in utilizing assistive devices properly. Other methods used are hydrotherapy, practicing the proper breathing technique.