Surveys in Indonesia shows, seven out of ten emergency situations in the ICU ends with the loss of patient’s life due to limited supporting device and facilities. This problem needs immediate attention to find a solution for the sake of many people’s lives.

Harapan Keluarga Hosptal’s medical evacuation is an effort of transporting and carrying emergency patient (a person having serious injury/needs intensive treatment) to a place that has adequate medical facilities for a more comprehensive treatment as safe and quick as possible. The final destination could be a hospital across regions or even overseas. Medical evacuation is required if a patient needs specific immediate medical treatment or a critical life supporting equipment. Medical evacuation can be performed by land ambulance, or air ambulance (commercial or charter flight).

Harapan Keluarga Hospital currently have two land ambulance supplied with sufficient medical devices and specially trained medical evacuation team. A good medical evacuation needs a good medical equipment, emergency medicine and evacuation standardize service with paramedics and doctor expert in evacuation. For that reason, our land ambulance is well supplied with patient monitor, syringe pump, emergency medicine, portable defibrillator, emergency bag, oxygen etc.


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