Dental Polyclinic Service at Harapan Keluarga Hospital

Harapan Keluarga Hospital’s dental polyclinic is one of our units specialized in mouth and teeth health services.

Our facilities consist of 2 Dental Units with complete medical sets, bleaching set used commonly by dentists for teeth bleaching treatment, intraoral camera that helps dentists show the teeth and mouth conditions to a patient and other supporting facilities like radiograph image checking that may be directed to the Radiology Unit.

Our practice room is equipped with comprehensive set of sterilized hand instruments. Our dental polyclinic offers teeth and mouth treatment starting with preventive action, periodic checkups every 6 month or with our teeth and mouth Medical Check Up package, conservative treatment such as tooth filling, veneer, crown and bridge, root canal treatment etc. Periodontal treatments such as implants, loose tooth treatment, bleaching, gingivectomy, flap etc. Mouth surgery operations from tooth extraction to odontectomy etc.