Medical Rehabilitation Service at Harapan Keluarga

Our medical rehabilitation polyclinic is located on the 7th floor of Harapan Keluarga Hospital handled by our doctor specialist experienced in this related field, who will give the highest level of treatment for patients suffering lost function and ability. This could be achieved by utilizing the medical rehabilitation specialist doctor’s skill and supporting medical staff, through their integrated and coordinated treatment and top-quality services,

Medical rehabilitation consulting is open for patients undergoing from:

  1. Nerve disorders
  2. Child development disorder, stroke, speech disorder, compressed nerve disease, memory, attention, concentration and swallowing disorder
  3. Breathing problems such as: chronic cough, dyspnea and asthma
  4. Pain in head, neck, shoulder and hips
  5. Post-surgical rehabilitation, bone and backbone fracture surgery
  6. Producing assistive devices, for example specific shoe, walking equipment, etc.
  7. Other problems such as hyperuricemia, muscle, bones and joints disorder, neck, waist, knee and foot calcification