Harapan Keluarga Hospital’s motto:

“Your Health Our Care”

Harapan Keluarga Hospital’s vision:

“To become the hospital that East Indonesia’s families choose by the spirit Your Health Out Care”

Harapan Keluarga Hospital’s mission are:

  1. Become the leading hospital and a reference specifically for West Nusa Tenggara region and East Indonesia in general
  2. Provide prime, kinship and safety-oriented health care
  3. Provide high quality service by carefully screening the most efficient, safe and effective health technology



Purpose of Harapan Keluarga Hospital

General purpose

To increase the safety quality of a patient and service quality of the hospital

Special purpose

  1. Optimizing the management of government programs and other parties to establish and extend mutual cooperative networks through increase partnership with stakeholders
  2. Constantly updating new technologies by upholding effective, safe and efficient principles for boosting the quality of service
  3. Training every potential resource in the hospital to achieve best results
  4. Become the selected hospital for domestic or international travelers and to become the destination of Medical Tourism in West Nusa Tenggara


Harapan Keluarga Hospital’s work ethics that must be cultivated by all staff members of Harapan Keluarga Hospital is “CARE”:

  • Customer Needs, is to understand and fulfill the necessity of a customer expecting for kind, warm, kinship, fast, accurate, safe, responsive and proactive health care
  • Attitude which is implanting in each individual discipline, hard work, complete, honesty, openness and teamwork
  • Respect, is to familiarize oneself for consistency, submissive, obeying the rules, maintaining solidarity, kinship and high sense of belonging.
  • Effective and Efficient, is being creative and innovative while maintaining effective and efficient work.