Identification bracelet

You will be provided with a bracelet with identification of your complete name, date of birth and recorded medical number. Please verify that the information printed are correct. Patients are not allowed to remove the identification bracelet until their hospital leave. If the bracelet is accidentally removed, immediately call a nurse to obtain a new one

Room Activity

Room activities includes visits from doctors and nurses, shift change of nurse assignments, medical plans, meals, visiting hours, etc. Other activities such as laboratory test, X-Rays, or other procedures will be performed only when needed. If questions occur, feel free to contact our head unit/nurse

Emergency Procedure

We have emergency and critical situation handling procedure and all our staffs are specially trained to follow the procedure. In an emergency situation, our staffs would perform any actions needed, and guide the patient through with the procedure.

Your Medical Health Care

During your treatment in Harapan Keluarga Hospital, you will have a team involved in your medical care. This team consist of doctors, nurses and other medical staffs necessary such as nutritionist, physiotherapist, pharmacist etc.


Doctor in charge of service (DPJP) supervise treatment and healing of a patient and decide their leaving. The doctor team will include specialists and hospital’s staff medic such as watch doctor and assistant doctor. Patient can ask DPJP about their overall health condition. Patient may choose a spokesperson if limited by communication or due to some medical conditions.


Nurses link patients with the rest of the health care team. They help in communicating the patient’s problem. Nurses will provide treatment according to the patient’s health condition. After examining the patient, nurses will plan and assess their everyday treatment, prepare and provide medicines, infusion liquid, and conduct treatment as authorized. Nurses provide information and education according to your health condition and how to proceed treatment after leaving the hospital. They are in charge for your vital signs, maintaining your personal hygiene, and ensure the best experienced during your stay.


Pharmacist are experts working with doctors and nurses to ensure the patient receive the full benefits of the medicine. Besides preparing drugs using the latest technology, pharmacists also monitors the effectiveness of your drug intake and helps prevent unwanted side effects and allergies in food or medicine.


Our nutritionist team collaborate with doctors, nurses and other health care staffs to provide nutrition information and care. Through variety food menus, they will cooperate with patients to accommodate specific needs.


Please contact us for special needs regarding of language, hearing or vision. Contact our nurses for a communicator in case of hearing problems or if Indonesian Bahasa is a second language to the patient. Harapan Keluarga Hospital aims to build strong and meaningful communication with its patients who has limited knowledge in Bahasa, and also their relatives regarding medical conditions and treatment.

No Smoking

According to government regulations, hospitals are a No Smoking area. To maintain our patient’s health, visitors and staff are not allowed to smoke inside the hospital area.