Visitor code of conduct & visiting hours

For optimum patient recovery, cleanliness, comfort, composure and safeties for all of us, we inform a few rules that must be respected:


11.00 until 13.00 WITA

19.00 until 21.00 WITA

  1. Visitors are not permitted to bring children under the age of 12.
  2. Visitors and companions are not allowed to bring: valuables, sleeping equipment (bolster pillow, blanket, mat, carpet etc.), cooking utensils, electronic devices (tape recorder, radio, television etc.) that could potentially disturb patient’s tranquility.
  3. Visitors and companions are required to maintain cleanliness, composure, and comfort in Harapan Keluarga Hospital’s environment
  4. Harapan Keluarga Hospital are not responsible for any lost and negligence of our Visitors and companions
  5. Visitors and companions are not allowed to touch, change or move any medical or non-medical device/facility in the patient room
  6. Visitor and companion rules are as follows:

Superior, Suite A, Suite B and President Suite Room

  • May have 2 companions selected by the patient’s family
  • Visited by 7 persons (or based on the agreement of patient and hospital)

Standard A, B and C Room

  • May have 1 companion selected by the patient’s family
  • Visited by 2 persons

Visitors/companions MUST wear a visitor/companion card obtainable at the admission section on our 1st floor lobby.

  1. Specific for patients in ICU / ICCU / HCU / NICU / PICU, their respective family/companion must wait in a specific room provided by Harapan Keluarga Hospital. If required, our staff/nurse will make contact with the family/companion.
  2. To speed up the recovery of a patient, visitors in ICU / ICCU / HCU / NICU / PICU are limited to our visiting hours policy and up to 2 visitors are allowed to enter at a time.
  3. Families/companions are not permitted to sleep in any empty beds in the ward room
  4. Identity cards for companions must be returned to the cashier (1st floor) during patient’s leaving administration process
  5. Lost of identity cards for companions will be charged IDR 10.000,